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  • Sie haben Ihrer Reise noch keine Reise-Elemente hinzugefügt

    Unsere Partneragenturen – Ihr Ansprechpartner in Andalusien

    Die Betreuung vor Ort durch unseren lokalen Partner hat für Sie den Vorteil, dass Sie individuell und authentisch reisen, ohne auf einen persönlichen Ansprechpartner verzichten zu müssen. Genießen Sie unbeschwert und sicher Ihre Reise durch Andalusien.

    24 Stunden Erreichbarkeit vor Ort
    Persönlicher Ansprechpartner
    Langjährige vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit
    Hintergrundwissen zu Spanien
    Gute Organisation und reibungsloser Ablauf Ihrer Reise

    Unsere Partner stellen sich vor:

    Beim Abkühlen mit Eis in Nerja.

    Corinna Fink

    I am in charge of the contracts between the suppliers and Erlebe. I contact the suppliers and negotiate with them the conditions and details of the collaboration. I search for new products and discuss the possibilities with our clients. And last but not least as I am German, I am in charge of all the German guests for any help on phone or during the confection of their trip.

    What makes your country unique? Spain is full of light and colors and you can find a diversity of landscapes and activities as if  it was an own continent. You can go skiing in Sierra Nevada, swimming on the beach of Malaga, drive through the desert  of Almeria or go hiking in the mountains of Ronda or Cazorla.

    What is your personal highlight in your country? At any time of the year you can enjoy the sun and the views over the sea having a espeto de Sardina (brochette of Sardines) grilled on open fire on any of the beaches of Málaga with a fresh glass of Gazpacho.

    Gemeinsam alternative Unterkünfte inspizieren.

    Rachel Heese

    I’m in charge of the reservation department and the principal mail, with my colleagues Sergio and Lidia we received all the bookings and stop sales from our clients and hotels and we put it all in the system. I receive all your requests, mails or special bookings and I answer them.

    What do you like the most about your country? The easy way of life. It seems that the day here has more hours, doesn´t matter to be out on the street until late and everbody is happy around

    What do you think which are the most important sights to visit in your country? It is a must to visit the historical centre’s of Malaga, Granada, Cordoba and Seville, each unique and full of history and charm. To feel the authentic Andalucia visit an olive oil mill in Cordoba and a typical Sherry bodega in Jerez with Sherry tasting.

    Maria bei einer Flamenco-Vorstellung

    Maria la Serrana

    Hello, my name is María „la Serrana“ and I am a flamenco dancer. I lived in Holland for a long time, so (although I express myself better in English) I do speak some German. When you book a flamenco tour, I will probably meet you myself, unless I am on tour, than a flamenco-colleague will help out.

    All my activities in Seville and abroad have to do with flamenco. I dance, teach and take people to the best and most intimate little venues in town, so you will have the best insight with me, and the best flamenco experience possible.

    One of the flamenco-places is my own, director, hostess and artist, all in one! So you might very well see me on stage too. I am happy to welcome you and tell you about flamenco and my beautiful city.

    Unterwegs in Marokko

    Unterwegs in Marokko

    Rikkert Barendse

    Since my childhood I wanted to discover the world and every discovery behind the next corner opened a new world of fantasy and dreaming. My role within Barrio Life is exploring places where local life is to be discovered.

    When I put down on paper a new route, it’s often about the balance betwen doing and being and it’s the stories of people that give meaning and depth to a trip. My favourite trip is our Sahara Quest, a personal development trip with camels in the sanddunen and a moment of slow life and a retreat.


    Neues ausprobieren: Henna

    Wendy Jacobs

    I‘ m from a travelminded family for which adventure and service are central. From my early years I got to touch on the phenomonon of travelling and creating fun for people. At Barrio Life this is very much possible! Taking care of reservations, being in contact with travelers before, during and after their journey, all of that gives me a lot of energy. It’s rewarding to hear when poeple had a wonderful exeprience and that they had encounters or unique places that they would never forget.



    Zypressen vor Sonnenuntergang

    Unser Partner und Nachhaltigkeit

    Unsere Partner-Agenturen vor Ort nehmen ihre Verantwortung sehr ernst, sowohl im sozialen als auch im nachhaltigen Bereich. Soweit wie möglich wird auf Ausdrucke im Büro verzichtet und Papier recycelt. Energie kommt effizient und überlegt zum Einsatz und bei der Auswahl der Unterkünfte wird stets ein Auge auf deren Beitrag zum Umweltschutz gelegt. Viele kleine Schritte können an dieser Stelle Großes bewirken.